First Lutheran Church

A Witnessing, Inviting, Hospitable Christian Community

First Lutheran Church has a treasure on the first floor of our Education Wing.  
This is our FAMILY LIBRARY.  Here you can find books and videos to suit everyone in your family. 

From the youngest members of the family to young adults and older adults there are great books by many favorite authors – works of fiction, non-fiction, biography and reference - to inspire, educate, and inform.

Our Family Library also has a wonderful selection of videos for the whole family.  We have a wide variety of live action or animated, family-friendly films to choose from as well as a great selection of biographical and non-fiction videos.

The Family Library is a ministry of the Christian Education Committee of the church.  The library is open every Sunday morning and at other times by special request.

Contact Wendy Larson for further information or to volunteer. 



Come and Enjoy the First Lutheran Family Library