First Lutheran Church

A Witnessing, Inviting, Hospitable Christian Community


                                                  Brian A. Bogey                                                                                                   Kimberly King

                                                Minister of Music                                                                 Worship Leader and Coordinator of Contemporary Worship



Music plays an important role in worship at First Lutheran Church. Each Sunday, the traditional worship service includes music provided by members of the Worship Choir.   The Worship Choir has participated in the Jamestown area Ecumenical Choral Festival for the past several years.

The Praise Team, "Sacred Fire"  provides music for the Contemporary Service of Worship & Praise.  This group of musicians feel led by God to offer music to complement the contemporary worship form. Like the traditional services, it is designed to bring people closer in their relationship to God, to reach out to those who do not have this relationship or others who are in need of renewal.  Sacred Fire is a term that comes from the Cherokee heritage and culture.  The “sacred fire” was a fire that continually burned in their community and never went out.  If you read about the history behind the “Trail of Tears”, it speaks about the Cherokee Indians being driven out of Rattlesnake Springs, TN.  Those that survived took this “fire” ( like an eternal flame) with them and kept it going.  As our praise team has worked and practiced together, we have became drawn to adopting the name, Sacred Fire.  To us, the symbolism means we want to keep the “eternal flame” burning and glowing for the “Glory of God”.   So let all us keep the Holy Spirit “flame” alive!

Youth also play an important role in the Music Ministries of First Lutheran Church. Youth in grades 5-12 or college age students who are willing to share their musical talents as a soloist, or as part of a duet, trio, or small ensemble for either the 9:00 a.m. or the 11:00 a.m. Sunday services are encouraged to contact Brian Bogey, Minister of Music or Kimberly King, Worship Leader and Coordinator of Contemporary Worship.  Christmas and Easter you can come and hear a brass ensemble provided by our youth during our special prelude music.
The First Lutheran Bell Choir provide special music for
festival holidays such as Easter & Christmas.