The Bells Ring Out

Did you know that First Lutheran's bell tower is taller than the Statue of Liberty?

The tower is 153 feet tall from its base to the top of the cross. The Statue of Liberty, from her base to the top of her torch, is 152 feet, 2 inches -- 10 inches shorter!

The church bell's inscription reads:


Meneely and Co., West Troy, New York 1907

Skänkt af fruntimmers föreningen
N:R 3 till forsta lutherska församlingen
vid femtioårjubeliett 1907.

"Hör, Gud! Ännu Sin Nåd Dig Bjuder
Se, Templets Portar Öppna Sig
Kanske Härnäst Dë Klockan Ljuder,
Upplåtes Grafvens Port För Dig:
Du Går ej mer I Herrens Hus
Ditt Rum Bereds I Jordens Grus."

Given by Ladies' Aid, no.3 on
the observance of First Lutheran's
Fiftieth Jubilee in 1907.

"Ajar the temple gates are swinging,
Lo! still the grace of God is free.
Perhaps when next the bells are ringing
The grave shall open unto thee,
And thou are laid beneath the sod
No more to see this house of God."

First Lutheran's bell is 42" high, 56" wide, with a bottom thickness of 4". It is mounted on an axle with a wooden wheel 7 1/2 feet in diameter. Before it was electrified in 1962, the bell was run through a long rope in the floor. Glenn Malm, the church custodian until 1971, was probably the last to ring the bell by pulling the rope.

Traditionally, the bell was rung Saturday evenings at 6:00pm, signifying the end of the work week. It has also been rung during funeral processions to Lakeview Cemetery. Today, the bell is rung fifteen minutes prior to Sunday Worship Services.

For the thrill seekers, limited tours of the bell tower are available during the summer months. The view alone is worth the trip!